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Staff, Officers and Board
Sheila M. Nyberg, Executive Director
Office Manager

2015 Board of Directors
Tim Swiggum, President*                 ED/Chamber-Owen
Peter Kaz, Vice-President*              Business-Thorp
Diane Feiten, Secretary*                 Founder
Greg Glisczinski, Treasurer*           Business-Neillsville
John Gaier                                      Education, Neillsville
Thomas Gorst                                 Village of Granton
Mike Henke                                     City of Stanley
Jim Schecklman                              City of Greenwood
Dan Krause                                    Business-Dorchester
Ryan Neville                                   Business-Neillsville
Diane Murphy                                 ED/Chamber-Neillsville
Angela Faber                                 ED/Chamber-Loyal
Jerome Krempasky                        County Board
Clay Bernick                                   Agriculture-Loyal
Kelly Paczkowski                            Agriculture-Withee
Lori Voss/Dale Rachue                  City of Abbotsford
Betty Gluch-Voss/Dave Williams    City of Loyal
Julie Counsell/Steve Mabie            City of Neillsville

The Clark County Tourism Bureau is a part of the Clark County Economic Development Corporation. To find out more about our County please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your interest and we hope you enjoy your stay.

*Members of Executive Committee



Clark County


Clark County Contacts


Clark County Economic Development Corporation and Tourism Bureau
P.O. Box 236
Loyal, WI 54446
Phone: 715.255.9100
Fax: 715.255.9153

Dennis Kramer                             ED/Chamber-Abbotsford
Everett Lindgren                          Village of Withee
Jim Maurina                                  Individual, Dorchester
Dan Hannula                                Business, Abbotsford
Donald Pentz                                Founder
Mike Ruff                                      Business-Greenwood
Fred Schindler                              County Board
James Schmidt                              City of Colby
Pat Lindner                                   Tourism, Greenwood
Tim Swiggum/Thomas Nelson        City of Owen
Judy Smirga                                   City of Thorp
Randy Busse                                 Village of Curtiss
Wayne Rau                                    Village of Dorchester
Scott Blume                                   Village of Unity